This past February during the reading break, I went on a 10 day mission with CCO(Catholic Christian Outreach, a open community on SFU campus) to Mexico City. Our mission was centred on bringing on hope and love to  the people in the darkest parts of poverty in Mexico city.  I wasn’t too sure as to what I was going to learn , but I know it was going to a life changing experience for me and definitely it was.

I would like to introduce you all to a this handsome young lad that I met near the Basilica of Our Lady of Gaudalupe. He’s name is Jonathan.
We came across him while he was with he’s family. Seeing him with his family on the street was heartbreaking especially when he was full of smiles and looked overjoyed while being with his parents . It struck me so hard that him and he’s family had so little and were so grateful for the little they had. Living with no safety, in danger of being robbed by thieves, no food . Hearing there are 60 other families around that are in the same situation tore me apart. I was struck with so much guilt that there were moments in my life where I felt entitled to what I have and desired even more. Complaining over the smallest of things in life while there are people with so little .Never appreciating the smallest of blessings that can mean the world to those in deep poverty. 


Also, I went with my team to  an actual dump where people actually live. Having the opportunity to reach out to people that live there and sit down and hear their stories. People striving to separate different waste and try make $3 /6 a day to survive. These people never looked stressed. They were actually happy and they always have faith that God provides. 6 homes were burnt down with belongings to six families. They weren’t stressed out and responded so calmly saying that’s life and moving on straight away to build new homes from the waste and objects around them. Families Experiencing such traumatic scenarios but they continue to desire God. I really wanted to help but there’s ever so much we could have done but just offer the people love.

We live in a generation where we feel entitled to what we have and continue to desire more and we continue to not be fully satisfied and be grateful for all the small blessings that are in our lives. This is a very cold hard truth that I realized with humility grows a graceful virtue that a lot of us lack and that is gratitude. To take a moment and stop, reflect and be grateful for everything we have instead of always finding something really pointless that we don’t really need.. While there are people that have so little and are eternally grateful and don’t desire what the world offers, there are others with so much and yet they .make it seem like they never have enough. 

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